Paradigm Shift Charters

Seasons and Species
The waters off Southern California and San Diego in particular offer some unique opportunities for anglers. This is one of a very few places in the world where it is possible to catch bluefin, yellowfin, big eye and albacore tuna in one day. Add to that skipjacks and bonito and no other location offers that kind of tuna slam. But there's far more than just tuna here.

Seasons As with any location, certain times of the year here in San Diego are more productive, however fish can be caught year round off San Diego. Spring through Fall tend to provide the most glamorous fishing for big pelagics like tuna, dorado and marlin, but some species like calico bass and mackerel can be caught in good number year round and they are often found within a few hundred yards of shore. We suggest you start with checking for which species you’d prefer to chase and booking during the peak season. Regardless, every effort will be made to make your day on the water as fishy as possible. Please be aware that we encourage catch and release for all species, however we will gladly keep any legal fish you wish to take. We would prefer not to kill marlin or makos for any reason, however.

Please keep in mind that the above chart should be used only as a rough guide, and should not be taken as an absolute certainty. Obviously fishing is dependent on a large number of variables. For example, some species prefer very specific water temperatures that may or may not occur during a given time of year. The above information is as historically accurate as possible. Check our fishing reports page for a better idea of what's been happening.