Paradigm Shift Charters

In my tenure as an editor of fishing magazines I have been fortunate enough to deal with some of the best captains, guides and manufacturers in the fishing world. Below is a list of those that I feel are especially worthwhile.

Recommended Guides/Guide Services

First Light Anglers: Nat and Derek at First Light practically pioneered the bluefin on fly fishery in New England.

Dave Skok:  Dave is a guide in New England and is a great photographer. He is also one heck of a fly tier and his site offers some tips and techniques for his patterns, like the Mushmouth.

John McMurray: John runs a guide service in and around New York City and out around Jamaica Bay. He has a unique flats fishery up there and is also a fantastic photographer.

Shore Catch: Gene Quigley, Jim Freda and the rest have one of the best guide services in New Jersey. These guys also have an amazing bluefin fishery. 

Flat Out and Fly Girl: Brian Horsley and Sarah Gardner are probably two of my favorite people and definitely two of the finest guides you will ever find. They work harder at finding fish for their anglers than any others I have fished with. If you want to fish North Carolina, these are your people. Whether its giant stripers, huge redfish, albies at Harkers or sailfish in Costa Rica, they can do it!

Jon B. Cave: Jon is undoubtedly the finest student of fly fishing I have ever encountered, and I was fortunate enough to work with most of the best. His passion and understanding of the sport of fly fishing are incredible. He is hands down the finest casting instructor I have ever worked with and a great guy to fish and travel with. If you want to learn to fly fish, he runs the oldest school in the south and one of the oldest in the country. He also hosts some very unique trips to some out of the way spots. His brother Paul is pretty good too.

John DePaneuil: John is one of the best charter captains on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and really knows the local waters.

Fishing Sites

Beyond the Breakwater: A site run by the editor of Ocean Skiff Journal. It covers all types of So Cal saltwater fly fishing beyond the beach.


Mako Fly Reels by Jack Charlton: I could say more, but the name says it all. Probably the most anticipated reels ever produced and without a doubt the finest fly reels ever made. 'Nuff said...

Temple Fork Outfitters: Makers of some of the finest fly and conventional rods you will find anywhere, and I defy you to beat the value.

Jones Brothers Marine: The best fishing skiffs you will find anywhere - Period. If you are serious about getting a boat you owe it to yourself to look at Jones Brothers. If you are serious about fishing, you'll get one.

Rio Fly Lines

Cam Sigler: The originators of the most popular billfish fly in the world (great for sharks, too). They make some of the best saltwater fly rods around.

Rising Fishing: Makers of the Lippa fish grabber and a bunch of awesome tools, not to mention the best fishing jacket I've seen.

Renzetti vises: The best fly tying vises you will ever find.

Nikon Cameras