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How to Book

On Line Booking is no longer available.

To check availability of specific days and to book a trip, please e-mail Scott at or call 619-400-9521 for more information or to book a trip.

Types of Trips and Rates

We at Paradigm Shift Charters currently run five standard types of charters -- all of which are private 4-packs. I do not offer mixed or open seating charters because they are more trouble than they are worth on a small boat.

Our trips include a 5-hour 1/2-day, a 7-hour 3/4-day, a 10-hour full day, a 5-to-5 trip and a specialized shark trip. We can create any type of specialty trip or accomodate almost any special requests, from tournaments, to evening tours and whale watching trips, just call for more information.

1/2-Day Trips:
    Our 1/2-day trips are basically coastal trips, running no further than 10 to 15 miles from Mission Bay, lasting up to 5 hours. Under normal conditions we run morning (generally 7am to noon), afternoon (generally 1pm to 6pm) and evening trips (generally 6pm to 11pm), but these trips can vary based on fishing conditions and other charters booked for that day. Regardless of when, a 5-hour 1/2-day trip costs $500 and includes snacks and drinks and all gear and bait, but they run no more than 5 hours. Again, these trips are limited to 4 anglers, however, under special circumstances, up to six passengers can be accommodated at no extra charge.
    Normally on 1/2-day trips we fish in and around the kelp beds for calico bass, barracuda, bonito, mackerel and a variety of other species. White seabass and yellowtail can be caught when present, along with halibut, but these species often require trips targeting them specifically. This can be done upon request for all or part of a trip. Also, especially during the winter months, we target the bottom species along the rocky structures and reefs. These include a variety of rock cod, ling cod, white fish, sand dabs, sand bass with shots at halibut and white seabass as well. In the fall, at the start of lobster season, twilight trips can be taken to drop hoop nets while we fish. Two hoop nets are provided for these trips.

3/4-Day Trips:
    The 3/4-day trip is a unique West Coast concept and I offer it because so many in California are used to the idea of a 3/4-day. Its a 7-hour day that offers the ability to cover a bit more water than we can on a 1/2-day. We are still limited to a 20-25 mile range, depending on conditions. This does allow us to get to the closer offshore banks and down to the Coronado Islands. Like the 1/2-day trip, snacks and drinks are included along with all gear and bait. These trips are limited to 4 anglers. These trips normally leave the dock around 7am and return at 2pm, however, the exact times vary based on fishing conditions and target species. For example, if we wanted to head offshore to chase an early tuna bite, we might leave at 5am and return at noon (yes, I have done this and limited out before). Of course, we could even delay the trip to fish from 7pm until 2am to take advantage of a late squid run/white seabass bite. Regardless of when we leave the dock, these trips run $700 for up to 4 anglers.
    Normally on these trips we fish anywhere we can fish on a 1/2-day plus out as far as the Kidney Bank or 182 or down as far as the Rockpile south of the Coronado Islands. We do not like to run more than a hour each way on these trips for the sake of fuel and, more importantly, to maximize fishing time. If we head offshore our targets are mostly a variety of tuna, including albacore, yellowfin, bluefin, skipjack and even the possibility of big eye, along with yellowtail, dorado and marlin.

Please be aware that as of October 2013 anyone wishing to fish within 12 miles of the coast of Mexico must obtain a special Visa. Each angler wishing to go must purchase one, which costs roughly $23 and MUST possess a US Passport. These trips must also be booked at least 10 days in advance because of the process involved in obtaining the proper clearance. Those interested in this type of trip--Coronado Islands, the Rockpile, etc.--call for full details and the process and websites you must visit. It is not complicated, just potentially time consuming. Be aware that at this point driver's licenses will not suffice. Every person on board must have one. There is an additional surcharge of $50 for this type of trip as well.

******This does not affect offshore trips or those outside of 12 miles from the Mexican Coastline.******

Special Shark Trip:
    This is a special 3/4-day trip where all we do is target sharks. While we can certainly target sharks on any length trip, we have found that the most productive trips allow the most time with a minimum of about 7 hours being best. There are times when the sharks are plentiful, but often we need time to drift and trail our chum slick as long as possible, particularly in the winter. This trip run 7-hours and costs $550 and includes snacks, drinks and all bait and tackle, including chum. It is so inexpensive because our expenses for this type of trip are minimal. It is, however, strictly limited to shark fishing only and we are often only prepared to deal with sharks on these trips. These trips normally begin no earlier than 7am but often begin as late as 8 or 9am or later if the bite is an afternoon one (common with sharks). We can accomodate up to 6 anglers on this trip because we can only fish one line at a time. If you want to fly fish, we recommend no more than 3 to allow room for the angler to cast without fear of snagging a passenger.

Full Day Trips:
    A 10-hour full day charter gives us the ability to fish anywhere within about 45 miles of Mission Bay under normal conditions. We leave the dock anywhere between 5 and 7am and return between 3 and 5pm. Earlier or later runs can be made if conditions dictate. These trips cost $900 and includes all drinks, snacks, lunch (from a provided deli menu), gear and bait. These trips are limited to 4 anglers.
    These are the normal trips we run during the summer offshore fishing season. We target tuna, marlin, dorado, yellowtail and anything else we can find, including sharks and even swordfish. Of course, we can also do anything we can do on shorter trips or even combine different types of fishing, like shark fishing for a 1/2-day and inshore fishing for the remainder. Its your trip and we'll customize it however you'd like, within reason. Be aware that the best time to book a full day trip is from roughly May through October. Even then, sometimes all a full day buys you is more time on the water, not more fish. Our captain will discuss the productivity of all trips with you based on when you intend to book.

5-to-5 Trips:
    Again, this is a West Coast type of trip, so I offer it. It comes from the need for most West Coast boats to use more time to cover water that we at Paradigm Shift Charters can easily cover on shorter trips. On this trip we are limited to roughly 75 miles from Mission Bay, allowing a two hour run down and back and still providing 8 hours of fishing. Tis type of trip runs $1200 and includes snacks, drinks, lunch (from a provided deli menu) and all bait and tackle. We rarely recommend this trip due to its expense and the fact that most seasons the fish are close enough for us to reach on shorter, less expensive trips. It does, however, provide more time on the water. This trip does allow us to fish San Clemente Island.

    A $100 deposit is required at the time of booking for all charters and the remainder will be charged the day of the trip. Cancellations must be made 14 days prior for a full refund, after that the deposit will be held. Trips cancelled due to weather will be rescheduled or the deposit will be refunded.

    Licenses are not included for any fishing trip. They may be obtained at the landing before trips or we can help to arrange them prior to early departures. Generally a 1-day California license runs around $15 and must be paid in cash at the landing or ordered on line ahead of time by clicking here. Single-day Mexican licenses run about $15 each as well. Licenses is always subject to change and we will keep you informed as to the latest requirements to ensure that you fish legally and responsibly in both US and Mexican waters.

Other Things to Bring:
    While we provide all your fishing gear (everything from fly rods to trolling equipment), you are welcome and encouraged to bring your own gear if you can -- as long as its appropriate. Its always more fun to catch fish on your own stuff. Beyond that, make sure to bring a hat, sunglasses (polarized are strongly recommended), sunscreen and a camera along with any special needs items you may require. We are not allowed to provide medication, even aspirin, so if you might need it, please bring it. If you're worried about getting seasick, take medication the minute you wake up that day -- don't wait til you get to the boat! You may also want to bring a cooler for any fish you want to keep. Coolers are available at the landing as well and arrangements can be made to process and ship your catch as well. Fish cleaning, within reason, is always included and done at no extra charge.

Standard Rates and Summary
1/2-Day(including snacks, drinks, gear and bait for 4 people): 5 hours $500
3/4-Day (including snacks, drinks, gear and bait for 4 people): 7 hours $700
Shark Trip (including snacks, drinks, gear and bait for up to 6 people): 7 hours $550
Full Day (including lunch, snacks, drinks, gear and bait for 4 people): 10 hours $900
5-to-5 (including lunch, snacks, drinks, gear and bait for 4 people):  12 hours $1100

Tips for the crew are not included.

Due to saftey concerns, all trips run at the discretion of the captain.